Do it your way but hold yourself accountable…

The journey of 2013 was very exciting and filled with change. It was a year where my purpose was clarified and my path made more clear than ever before. Some of the highlights below may appear to be non-related or even scattered, however each piece of the puzzle is apart of the beautiful whole.

  • Worked with Whole Foods Market to bring “the healthiest grocery store in America” to Detroit.
  • Served on the Board of Directors for COTS (Coalition on Temporary Shelter) and voted Chairman of the Human Services Committee
  • Launched Ignite Your Imagination Retreats for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Released Prosperity 2013: Poetic Prose for Life Transformation
  • VKI Detroit corporate office relocated downtown to In the Black Suites
  • Presented at 46 events including: colleges, conferences and other venues
  • Launched Map Your Success a group coaching/strategy building program for holistic health professionals
  • Appeared as a guest on several radio and television shows including: Detroit Class 313, Opening the Doors of Change with Chris Lee and Own Your Dreams with Ona Brown
  • Released The Soul of a Winner an inspirational anthology
  • Relocated to Atlanta to build VKI in the southern region
  • Launched The Winners Circle, a mastermind support group for holistic health professionals in Detroit and Atlanta metro areas

As we shift into a new record of measurement, time stamped 2014, let’s first reflect on our life’s purpose, then with clear focus, map out our own unique strategy for the journey toward our desired destination. When we do it our way, we can hold ourselves accountable for the results. No more blame, no more excuses.

Since lack and limitation are merely illusions, figments of our imagination, it’s time to imagine the life that we love and daily hold the vision in our hearts and our minds. To do so may require sacrifce on our part. We may need to relinquish old beliefs or habits that no longer serve us, but the reward for discarding baggage and rubbish is freedom and peace of mind. If your eyes still see obstacles holding you back from your dreams, pray for new vision and please seek out a personal coach and a spiritual guide who can be another set of eyes for you until the scales fall off.

“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.” Napoleon Hill

There is no better time than NOW to commit to self-growth and personal development. Having our very own personal coach could help cut our re-learning curve in half. Yes, I said re-learning because we were each created in the image of the Creator of all things, perfect and divine. Misbeliefs and untruths have been programmed into our minds and we have learned ourselves into victimhood.

None of us are exempt from the programming that has the majority of people on Planet Earth living in fear and far from their peak potential. This is precisely why we must be diligent in protecting our ears and eyes from allowing darkness and destruction to enter and we must watch our mouths so we do not speak death and darkness into the lives of others.

“Be healed that you may heal.” A Course In Miracles

In 2014 I commit myself again to God as a living sacrifice for the betterment of humanity. I promise to always acknowledge the God in every being I come in contact with. I promise to let my light shine brightly so that men will see God and infinite possibilities in me as I travel on this plain. I promise to heal all who are led to me for that purpose as I have been healed. I promise to learn and teach love and peace through quiet reflection and meditation.

Get in where you fit in my sister, my brother. It’s 2014! We have 364 days in this new record of measurement, time stamped 2014. What will you commit too on your road to personal growth? I pray that you will not pass up this opportunity to live life like it’s golden, starting now.

You have the Soul of a Winner. Join the Winners Circle and let’s WIN in business and in life, together.

You are a Winner!


Now Growing in Atlanta

This week I experienced another major life transition, but I was ready for it. I left my home. The condo on the Detroit river that I dreamed of when I was homeless and paid cash for was traded for business growth  and development in Atlanta, GA. I don’t have a home anymore but I’m not homeless. What a difference a new mind can make. That’s what I got when I lost nearly everything owned in 2008 and became homeless.

This new mind gave me the understanding that I have everything I need. I am never alone. I am loved. I add value to the lives of everyone around me. I will never be homeless again.

I wrote a poem earlier this year called “A Message of Love” and it is so profound that I am asserting great effort to make sure the world reads or hears it. This message was inspired by the healing work of Rev. Royce Thomason called “Transcending the Matrix.” When I trained with him last year, I did not realize that I was in the matrix myself but I was, and I  still visit on occasions. But now that I’m conscious, I can snap out of the illusion at any time. Transcending the Matrix has become my favorite healing modality primarily because of the easy self application.

Anyway, back to why I left my place of refuge. Sometimes you just have to move out of your comfort zone. You see I have been asking God to enlarge my territory. And he was, but I was staying in my safe space. After a few healing sessions, It became clear that I was supposed to move but I didn’t know where. I had not saved up money for the move nor did I have an automobile. The spirit of peace assured me that the time was now so I took a leap of faith, visited a friend in Atlanta for a week, virtualized the possibilities and here I am.

My first book signing was Tuesday night at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore and tomorrow I will be hosting my first Global Google Hangout. I’ve networked with some cool direct sales and holistic health entrepreneurs and I’m implementing my VKI Atlanta growth plan. My corporate office remains in Detroit, MI where I will offer live and virtual coaching the third week of each month, but the other three weeks, I’ll be growing in Atlanta.

Learn more at

National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week

Homeless on the streets of Chicago

Every year during the week before Thanksgiving, the “National Coalition for the Homeless” and the “National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness” co-sponsor National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. During this week, a number of schools, communities and cities take part in a nationwide effort to bring greater awareness to the problems of hunger and homelessness.

She is supporting and will be participating in several events, including The Shelter Film Screenings and National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Discussions at Whole Foods Market Detroit 115 Mack Ave on n Monday, 11/18/13 6p – 8p at then on 11/20/13 6p – 8p at In the Black Suites 277 Gratiot Ave. Suite 600 as she shares her personal experiences dealing with and overcoming homelessness. More…

Moving Past Fear

When was the last time you travelled alone to an unknown destination? How did it make you feel? Are there other destinations that you want to explore but something seems to be holding you back from taking the next steps? Could it be that “fear of the unknown” has you in its grips? What do you feel you need in order to move past the illusion of fear in order to enjoy the amazing life God has planned for you if you only trust and believe?

A few months ago, Julie, a young lady I met on MySpace more than seven years ago invited me to speak at a conference for massage therapists in Montreal, Canada. The thought of this 8.5 hour driving excursion was exciting but scary at the same time. I’ve travelled all over the United States and have even visited Japan, however thoughts of everyone speaking French and my not understanding the language caused fear to creep up inside of me. I asked everyone I knew who had visited Montreal about their experience in order to hopefully calm my fears, yet the stories about not being able to order food in some restaurants because of the language barrier unnerved me even more. I was in bondage in my mind and needed to break free.

Fortunately, the same principles that supported my transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency would guide me to freedom on my journey to Montreal. The last thing I wanted was to allow my debut as an international speaker to be plagued by fear of the unknown. I resolved in my mind and heart that this was the opportunity of a lifetime and that I would be open for opportunities for personal and professional growth. I decided this temporary bout with fear was going to elevate me; not bind me.

The following is a list of the principles that supported my safe and productive travel to an unknown destination, and it is my desire that these same principles will support you or someone you love on a similar journey to a foreign place:

  • Find a Place of Refuge: A safe place to lay your head at night is essential to your well-being and it gives you a feeling of comfort and security.
  • Be Open to Opportunities: No matter where you go or what you do, opportunities for growth abound if we are open to them.
  • Watch Your Mouth: The words you speak become your reality. You must speak the desires of your heart into existence.
  • Surround Yourself with Love and Beauty: What you feel and see with your eyes is often absorbed like a sponge into your being. Choose to “be” love and beauty by surrounding yourself with the same.
  • Look in the Mirror: When faced with conflict, looking into the mirror at your own reflection may reveal the source of the conflict and help you move past it.
  • Count Your Blessings: Miracles and blessings are all around you and when you pause to acknowledge them, fear dissipates.
  • Believe You Can: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Montreux Jazz Festival 2013 escorted by Claude La Vertu

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What’s the reality about Savannah’s heat & the homeless? Or can we really “claim” to have cooling centers?

Three tips for people experiencing life transitions during the hot summer months: (1) Invest in a fitness center or museum membership which will give you access to a cool place during the hottest hours of the day with great opportunities for divine connections all around you, (2) Drink an 8oz cup of water every 2-3 hrs while you are awake and (3) Go to the library (its really cool and quiet there) and read at least one new book per month from the self-help or human sciences categories.
I’d love to hear about your summer 2013 cooling center resources, good or bad. Comment below.

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning


We were approached via phone yesterday by a reporter (who happened to find us with a Google search!) who was doing her research on the heat we were having on Wednesday & how it affects the homeless!

While we gave a broad view of the homeless & this heat in Savannah we thought we’d be called back for an interview as alluded to. 

We don’t offer any direct solutions or services ourselves either & that’s likely what they were looking for, the feel good side of the issue – we presented a balanced perspective with the realities of Day Centers coming, housing being a priority need (that others aren’t supporting – see below more about Housing First) & the overall bigger picture on this heat we experience in Savannah as it relates to the affects on the homeless population here!

However, when the story aired, the storyline was two-fold, one…

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“How One Lottery Winner Blew Through $10 Million in Less Than 10 Years”

Lamarwaltersuccess Blog


By: Eamon Murphy

With a $338 million Powerball ticket having been sold in New Jersey — the fourth-largest jackpot in Powerball history — it’s a good time to remember that the sudden gains of a lottery windfall can be fleeting.

Imagine, for instance, winning $10 million and having almost none of it left less than a decade later.

It happened to Sharon Tirabassi, a 35 year-old resident of Hamilton, Ontario. Nine years ago, The Hamilton Spectator reports, Tirabassi cashed a check from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. for $10,569,00.10 (Canadian). Today, after spending almost all her winnings — “big house, fancy cars, designer clothes, lavish parties exotic trips, handouts to family, loans to friends” — she’s back in the working class: riding the bus, working part-time, living in a rented house.

What remains of her windfall is in trust for her six children; the money will become available when…

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Healing Healers: Ignite Your Imagination Feb. 9, 2013

Studies show that 80% of Massage Therapists are independent contractors, i.e, entrepreneurs however many of them lack the skill to run a massage therapy practice or pursue multi-dimensional income to secure and justify having their own business. – Ressurrection Graves

Join two massage therapists who have owned their own practices, were challenged by homelessness, have created passive income, and have successfully authored books, and speaking careers. more…


I am very pleased to join Ressurrection Graves in D.C. for her speakers series that is empowering and inspiring entrepreneurs, parents and the world to live abundantly in the power of Divine love. If you are a massage therapist, energy healer or CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) professional, you especially don’t want to miss this event. Register today if you are in the Maryland D.C. area at

Versandra Kennebrew Intl Event Profile Page

Versandra Kennebrew Intl Event Profile Page

Did you know that you could find all of my events in one central location? No seriously, I try to make it easy for you and me by using Eventbrite as my official hub for events and such. Check it out and tell me what you think. This year is going to be huge, so check back often. 

The Art of Reinventing You Book: Introduction


     Who are you? Not your name (although it says a lot about you). I want to know your essence; your passion. I want to know the you beneath the mask.

     Since we’re getting intimate, let me give you a little history about myself and how I became a self-improvement teacher. To do so, I must begin in 1995 when my own reinvention began.

     Like Steve Olsher who wrote the foreword for this amazing self-help tool, I was working every day, sometimes 12 to 14 hours, in a job that was killing me.   

     My retail career had started when I was fourteen years old and by the time I was nineteen, I was the manager of Rave, a retail store that catered to teens and young adult women.

I was young and quite frankly naive enough to believe that I was doing a great service by starting my day before sunrise and falling asleep with the phone in my lap. I felt I had to be available in case one of my employees called to say they could not come in to work or when mall security called to say the alarm went off.

     Fear of losing my job stayed in the forefront of my mind primarily because I myself had fired so many people over the years that I was terrified of being unemployed.  Adding to my fears, I was  also responsible for raising my two brothers Tad and Isaac.     

     My teachers; my former district and regional managers taught me to get rid of under achievers or I would be “gotten” rid of myself. So I became tough. My standards were high and I kept my job.

     Years had passed when, in the summer of 1995, I underwent surgery to remove fibroids from my uterus.  After spending some time off as a result of my first and only (knock on wood) operation (which came with a ninety day recovery period), it occurred to me that a change was needed and that it had to begin with me.

     At first I prayed for an early release by the doctor because I didn’t know how to rest. Fortunately, after thirty days, I realized that the world would continue to turn whether I was alive or not and that I had to determine what footprint I wanted to leave on the face of this earth that would say “Versandra was here.”

    By now, my brother Isaac was nineteen and I now lived with him in Columbia, MD.  I lay outside on my comfy lounge chair on Isaac’s patio reading what I consider, my first personal development book, “Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice,” by Dennis Kimbro. Reading this powerful book during my down time helped me change my perspective about the life I was living. Acting out of fear was ripping me apart on the inside.  As a result, I became committed to being more aware of my driving forces.

     My sister Sheila came from Birmingham to be with me during my recovery and for once, the oldest sibling who had been the caregiver for all of the others at some point and time, was now receiving the family support she always longed for. It felt so refreshing to relinquish control for once. Besides Isaac being somewhat of a party animal, it was all-good. After recovering from surgery, I returned to work with a new attitude.

     Earlier that year, I had been skipped over for the district manager-in-training position because I wore my hair natural, called my customers “honey child” and did not fit the middle-age, white-male demographic that my regional manager described when he frankly explained his decision for not giving me a promotion while signing off on my superior performance evaluation.

     This and my new found sense of self-worth were enough to finally push me to seek another job. I had been a loyal employee which to me was synonymous with being a good employee. In reality, the fear of having to learn something new was what really held me back.  So in a life changing act to break free from the grip of fear, I resigned from the company and accepted a demotion with higher pay from a retail competitor.

     Working at Express was a phenomenal experience. I upgraded my wardrobe to include the hottest most fashionable women’s apparel the Limited Corporation had in stock – New look; new attitude; new me!

    Only six months would go by before the manager who hired me six years prior would be promoted to Regional Vice President of Edison Brothers. His name was Bruno and he tracked me down and arranged an appointment to offer me the promotion I had worked so hard for if I returned to Edison Brothers immediately.

     A new sense of self-worth was not the only thing I gained. I also learned that personal development was an ongoing process and that in order to be my best “me”, continuing education was mandatory. I learned better time management, business management and negotiation skills through the Franklin Covey training program. So when Bruno offered an eight-thousand dollar a year increase in pay with a company car, I did not say yes right away. I countered, reminding him that he came to me with this offer because he was aware of my previous potential. I outlined my enhanced human capital, acquired since leaving the company, and asked for an additional five thousand dollars along with a signing bonus for starting within the next week. To top it off, I requested to have my tenure and benefits reinstated immediately. I got what I asked for. I had broken through my self-imposed chains of fear and became the business woman I dreamed of when I was a little girl.

     My imagination had been ignited by working in a new atmosphere with ambitious, energetic people and a company that was thriving. I brought everything I learned, from the temporary gig at the Express store, with me and began to develop a team of managers. I started with 8 stores, then expanded to twenty-two stores in three states. I offered every tool that had been used for my own transformation to my managers and assistants in order to help them realize their own human and professional potential.

     In my previous book, “Thank God for the Shelter: Memoirs of a homeless healer,” I chronicled what happened after working as a district manager for a few years before Edison Brothers Inc. closed its doors in 1999. I invite you to check it out and see how my reinvention from homelessness to life changer began.

     In this book however, I want to focus on how one ignites their imagination in order to reinvent themselves. I want to answer the questions that many of my clients ask in their first visits. Why do so many people continue to live lives that do not support or serve their higher good? How do you know when what you have invented needs an overhaul? How do you find resources to support your reinvention process?

     My goal is to empower my readers to dream again. I want my readers and workshop participants to know that they create, they invent every single day. Whether you know it or not, what you think, the words you speak, the words you write are manifesting all around you. I want you to tap into your power to reinvent the life you desire by surrounding yourself with people and resources to help you embrace a new perspective that serves all humanity. The time is now and we have the tools to reinvent ourselves and the worlds we live in.

     To make this process easy and as interesting as possible, this book is broken down into four sections; An Overview, Reinvention Case Studies, Quotables and a Resource Guide. In addition we have created a blog where you can continue your journey of reinvention by interacting directly with me on-line. There you will have resources at your fingertips to keep you on track. As a life coach, I truly encourage you to enjoy the journey of reinvention and write about your experiences in a journal.

Another book written by Self-Improvement Teacher and Coach Versandra Kennebrew

I was so pleased to run across this blog on the power of personal affirmations. I speak to this power in both my books, Thank God for the Shelter: memoirs of a homeless healer and The Art of Reinventing You: Ignite your imagination. Here are a few of my daily affirmations:
God is my source.
I am love.
I am financially free.
I love passionately and sincerely.
I add value to the life of each person I come in contact with.
I touch millions of lives.

Care to share any of your personal affirmations?

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