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  • Jerry Smith

    What if your doctor told you, “You Have 6 Months To Live?”

    I’ve been told that I have a interesting life story on 2 different fronts. Hi, I’m Jerry Smith, and I was cured of Pulmonary Fibrosis, an untreatable and incurable lung disease. I was given six months to live and I was cured in Germany with a serum made with my own blood. There is hope for others with fatal diseases and I can reveal how I found my cure.

    My Grandmother died giving birth, leaving my Mom an abandoned deaf-mute. As an adult, she was raped and gave birth to me and I was immediately abandoned. I grew up in foster care, worked my way through college, married and my wife was murdered, my Grandson was killed at 15 and I attempted suicide. After a few years, I remarried, found happiness and then my diagnosis. After a 2 year search worldwide, I became the only known person ever cured of this disease. I am now speaking out to offer hope to others.

    I have a lot of passion about my two stories and how it has been proven to me to be inspirational in giving hope to people in both story categories. And offering everyone hope for finding possible cures of fatal diseases by using unconventional medicines overseas, just as I did successfully. I would like to inform and encourage your listeners on how to take action to help themselves, loved ones and friends.

    • Versandra Kennebrew

      What a phenomenal short story Jerry. Thanks for sharing it with my readers. I pray that you reach all the people you desire to reach with your message. Testimonials are amazing and they save lives.

  • Lance

    Just wanna say I love this page (site).

    Les Lance

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