Do it your way but hold yourself accountable…

The journey of 2013 was very exciting and filled with change. It was a year where my purpose was clarified and my path made more clear than ever before. Some of the highlights below may appear to be non-related or even scattered, however each piece of the puzzle is apart of the beautiful whole.

  • Worked with Whole Foods Market to bring “the healthiest grocery store in America” to Detroit.
  • Served on the Board of Directors for COTS (Coalition on Temporary Shelter) and voted Chairman of the Human Services Committee
  • Launched Ignite Your Imagination Retreats for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Released Prosperity 2013: Poetic Prose for Life Transformation
  • VKI Detroit corporate office relocated downtown to In the Black Suites
  • Presented at 46 events including: colleges, conferences and other venues
  • Launched Map Your Success a group coaching/strategy building program for holistic health professionals
  • Appeared as a guest on several radio and television shows including: Detroit Class 313, Opening the Doors of Change with Chris Lee and Own Your Dreams with Ona Brown
  • Released The Soul of a Winner an inspirational anthology
  • Relocated to Atlanta to build VKI in the southern region
  • Launched The Winners Circle, a mastermind support group for holistic health professionals in Detroit and Atlanta metro areas

As we shift into a new record of measurement, time stamped 2014, let’s first reflect on our life’s purpose, then with clear focus, map out our own unique strategy for the journey toward our desired destination. When we do it our way, we can hold ourselves accountable for the results. No more blame, no more excuses.

Since lack and limitation are merely illusions, figments of our imagination, it’s time to imagine the life that we love and daily hold the vision in our hearts and our minds. To do so may require sacrifce on our part. We may need to relinquish old beliefs or habits that no longer serve us, but the reward for discarding baggage and rubbish is freedom and peace of mind. If your eyes still see obstacles holding you back from your dreams, pray for new vision and please seek out a personal coach and a spiritual guide who can be another set of eyes for you until the scales fall off.

“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.” Napoleon Hill

There is no better time than NOW to commit to self-growth and personal development. Having our very own personal coach could help cut our re-learning curve in half. Yes, I said re-learning because we were each created in the image of the Creator of all things, perfect and divine. Misbeliefs and untruths have been programmed into our minds and we have learned ourselves into victimhood.

None of us are exempt from the programming that has the majority of people on Planet Earth living in fear and far from their peak potential. This is precisely why we must be diligent in protecting our ears and eyes from allowing darkness and destruction to enter and we must watch our mouths so we do not speak death and darkness into the lives of others.

“Be healed that you may heal.” A Course In Miracles

In 2014 I commit myself again to God as a living sacrifice for the betterment of humanity. I promise to always acknowledge the God in every being I come in contact with. I promise to let my light shine brightly so that men will see God and infinite possibilities in me as I travel on this plain. I promise to heal all who are led to me for that purpose as I have been healed. I promise to learn and teach love and peace through quiet reflection and meditation.

Get in where you fit in my sister, my brother. It’s 2014! We have 364 days in this new record of measurement, time stamped 2014. What will you commit too on your road to personal growth? I pray that you will not pass up this opportunity to live life like it’s golden, starting now.

You have the Soul of a Winner. Join the Winners Circle and let’s WIN in business and in life, together.

You are a Winner!


About Versandra Kennebrew

Versandra Kennebrew, CEO of VKI Personal Development LLC has taught, mentored and coached hundreds of massage therapists and other healing artists in her 20-year career as a holistic health professional. By providing transformational retreats and TAC (Touch Artist Certification) Programs she helps healing artists stay grounded in self-care as they heal the world. Coach Versandra is the author of 6 personal development books and speaks internationally. After completing her Certified Touch Artist training program, trainers facilitate workshops, home gatherings, retreats and virtual classes for their clients in order to promote self-care, intimacy and healthy non-verbal communication. Class participants are invited to tap into their imagination and spirituality to become touch artist’s creating touch masterpieces with their hands. View all posts by Versandra Kennebrew

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