What’s the reality about Savannah’s heat & the homeless? Or can we really “claim” to have cooling centers?

Three tips for people experiencing life transitions during the hot summer months: (1) Invest in a fitness center or museum membership which will give you access to a cool place during the hottest hours of the day with great opportunities for divine connections all around you, (2) Drink an 8oz cup of water every 2-3 hrs while you are awake and (3) Go to the library (its really cool and quiet there) and read at least one new book per month from the self-help or human sciences categories.
I’d love to hear about your summer 2013 cooling center resources, good or bad. Comment below.

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning


We were approached via phone yesterday by a reporter (who happened to find us with a Google search!) who was doing her research on the heat we were having on Wednesday & how it affects the homeless!

While we gave a broad view of the homeless & this heat in Savannah we thought we’d be called back for an interview as alluded to. 

We don’t offer any direct solutions or services ourselves either & that’s likely what they were looking for, the feel good side of the issue – we presented a balanced perspective with the realities of Day Centers coming, housing being a priority need (that others aren’t supporting – see below more about Housing First) & the overall bigger picture on this heat we experience in Savannah as it relates to the affects on the homeless population here!

However, when the story aired, the storyline was two-fold, one…

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Versandra Kennebrew, CEO of VKI Personal Development LLC has taught, mentored and coached hundreds of massage therapists and other healing artists in her 20-year career as a holistic health professional. By providing transformational retreats and TAC (Touch Artist Certification) Programs she helps healing artists stay grounded in self-care as they heal the world. Coach Versandra is the author of 6 personal development books and speaks internationally. After completing her Certified Touch Artist training program, trainers facilitate workshops, home gatherings, retreats and virtual classes for their clients in order to promote self-care, intimacy and healthy non-verbal communication. Class participants are invited to tap into their imagination and spirituality to become touch artist’s creating touch masterpieces with their hands. View all posts by Versandra Kennebrew

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